Biden’s Border Policy After Two and A Half Years

September 19, 2022 Matt Daley President Biden’s border policy appears on the surface to have attained its original goals: be the antithesis of President Trump’s, treat migrants more humanely, and make the border porous and permeable.  DHS Secretary Mayorkas repeatedly told the Congress and the American people that border was secure when live TV coverage dramatized […]... Read More

September 12, 1861 – A Forgotten Date in Maryland History

Paul W. Callahan The following article is extracted from When Democracy Fell – The Subjugation of Maryland During the U.S. Civil War, by Paul W. Callahan, which comprehensively explores the constitutional crisis experienced by Maryland during the Civil War.   September 12, 1861, began with the entire front page of the New York Herald dominated by a map that meticulously […]... Read More