Editors’ Note

Instead of our usual original article, we have decided to use this issue to make two appeals, one financial and one editorial, which you can read below. We also strongly recommend that you read the sidebar in which we summarize articles published elsewhere that we believe are “Worth Reading.” The most important events of the past two weeks have been discussed widely and capably by commentators whom we read and respect. As a result, none of us has found a better way to explain, summarize or refute their points. Instead of making an unsuccessful try, we decide to curate those articles and recommend the five we found most interesting and thought-provoking. We will be back in two weeks, as opinionated as ever.... Read More

An Appeal

Since we started publication in 2019, there have been 40 issues of the Chesapeake Observer and the editors are very gratified with how our readership has grown. Until now, we have supported the journal out of our own pockets, with the intention that at some point it should become self-supporting. We are now asking for the first time for contributions to support publication of the journal.... Read More

An Invitation

Though we enjoy writing about topics that interest us and on which we have some knowledge, it was never our goal to include only our own voices in this journal. Once again, we invite readers to submit to us articles on topics of current interest that have important implications for the future. ... Read More