Worth Reading January 10, 2023

JDQB: The Woke World For those of you who follow the daily madness of the woke world, which does not seem to be going away, several recent short articles are of interest.  The first is by Jonathan Turley titled “Diversity Through Obscurity: Applicants’ told To Delete The Names Of Schools On Their Resumes.”  This is not a […]... Read More

Biden’s Immigration Policy: Pivot or Pirouette?

Matthey P. Daley On Sunday President Biden did something he spent two years evading: going to our border with Mexico in the most visual symbol of what may or may not be a real shift in policy.  The motives for the timing of his visit are reasonably apparent:   The 2022 elections are safely in the review […]... Read More

Thinking About Things:  A Year of Dark Clouds, Silver Linings, and Mysteries

John DeQ Briggs As Dave Barry said in introducing his 2022 Year in Review: “The best thing we can say about 2022 is: It could have been worse.”    For example, we could have had nuclear Armageddon. This briefly appeared to be a possibility, at least according to the president, who broke the news in October at (Why […]... Read More