Thinking About Things: Societal Respect for The Rule of Law is in Trouble

John DeQ. Briggs January 10, 2022 Many of our political leaders, and even more of our voting citizens, have not just lost respect for the rule of law as we have known it for centuries, but they seem committed to opposing it, even as it has proved robust in jury rooms and courthouses.   This has […]... Read More

Russia, NATO and Us: Will our search for a European security order end in war?

By Wolfgang Ischinger Editor Matt Daley recommends this as the best short background to the current face off on Ukraine.  It also charts a reasonable path forward.  It was originally presented at the Munich Security Conference, December 31, 2021. The year is 1993/94. Poland, Hungary, and other former member states of the Warsaw Pact are […]... Read More

Worth Reading for January 11, 2022

JDQB  likes the Commentary podcast on Bad Prosecutors, which echoes pieces of the main article.   He is also pretty shocked by the extraordinary partisanship of Merrick Garland as Attorney General, which he suspects might be a form of payback to the conservatives for their refusal to vote on his nomination to the Supreme Court so many years ago. See […]... Read More