Thinking About Things: Afghanistan, Mr. Biden, and Coming Full Circle

John DeQ Briggs Homage to A Government, Philip Larkin, 1964 Next year we are to bring all the soldiers homeFor lack of money, and it is all right.Places they guarded, or kept orderly,Must guard themselves, and keep themselves orderlyWe want the money for ourselves at homeInstead of working. And this is all right. It’s hard […]... Read More

Worth Reading 9-11-2021

JDQB notes these as materials worth reading Harking back to George Bush’s  embarrassingly premature Mission Accomplished ceremony aboard an aircraft carrier after the initial few weeks of the invasion of Iraq, Noah Rothman writes about Joe Biden’s Mission Accomplished moments.  Peggy Noonan has an excellent article from September 2 in the Wall Street Journal (apologies for paywall). […]... Read More