“Man produces himself through labor.” Marx’s seminal insight speaks to the psychological effects of the American response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The psychological health of the human person, regardless of his gender, race, ethnicity, class, or status, is coupled to work. Persons create and recreate themselves through work. Persons who choose not to work alienate themselves from the fullness of human living. Persons who are proscribed from working are disenfranchised from their immanent right to live and be. The therapeutic effects of work have been largely ignored by the political-economics of COVID-19. The omission is remarkable given the appeals to “science” commonly voiced by US political representatives and public health officials. NIAID Director Fauci’s sermons to the American public exemplify this deficiency. His exclusive COVID-19 focus on support for shutdowns and mass sequestrations disregards the total health of the individual. There is little science in the straight up death counts that have shaped the public discourse about the pandemic. The numbers are easily misinterpreted when separated from their greater context, remarkably susceptible to sensationalistic readings, and liable to political machination. ... Read More