Transsexual Terror

By W. David Montgomery

The last straw was filling out a questionnaire in a new doctor’s office that asked my gender at birth, my chosen gender with at least 6 different choices, and which of 5 pairs of pronouns I preferred.  I cannot remain silent on my outrage that the less than one half of one percent of the population who identify as transsexual can dictate language and behavior to the other 99.5%.  The analogous group that comes to my mind is the Jacobins during the French Revolution who rewrote the French language and beheaded anyone even suspected of disloyalty to the Revolution.

Just like the Jacobins, the transsexual Committee of Public Safety has its new guillotine ready for anyone who dares question its doctrines.  Disputing the pseudo-scientific claims that gender is neither binary nor biological will send the dissident straight to it. 

Teachers are being disciplined for using the grammatically correct pronouns “he and she” rather than one of the 45 current non-binary possibilities.    ABC News has found at least 58 different gender options in Facebook.  Teachers and others who refuse to conform have been fired, including a Virginia high school French teacher who respectfully refused to refer to a female gender-confused student as male.

Writers and speakers are attacked by crowds just like the Jacobins in Paris for stating, in any place or words, that transsexual acting-out and self-mutilation are unnatural, harmful to those taking part in them, and inappropriate for children.  Just last week J K Rowling, author of Harry Potter and model of woke sensibility, drew their wrath for endorsing any and all forms of sexual deviancy, but insisting that there were only two sexes to practice them. 

Rowling made her comment in defending an English tax expert fired for refusing to recognize a colleague’s chosen gender.  As Sohrab Ahmari wrote, Maya Forstater had “a colleague who regularly shows up to work as ‘Pippa,’ a garish caricature of femininity, complete with lace dresses, fishnet stockings, and towering patent pumps. When ‘Pippa’ made #32 on the Financial Times’s 2018 list of Britain’s top 100 female executives, Forstater had the temerity to suggest he should have turned down the honor.” For this, she was fired.  Worse yet, an English court upheld her firing for the crime of using “offensive and exclusionary” language. The employment judge excoriated Forstater, claiming she “will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating … environment [confusion of tenses in the original]. The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”  All this for a natural reaction to someone making a fool of himself.

Schools and public institutions now propagate transgender doctrine, willfully violating the constitutional ban on an established religion.  California now requires that elementary school students be taught LGBT history; the Anne Arundel County Public Library puts on more than 16 LGBT-themed programs, including Drag Queen Story Times, an LGBT film festival and teen leadership program, and a “lunch-and-learn” program with a transgender woman [sic]; in a Chicago school district preschoolers and kindergarteners were taught “Sometimes people use their bodies to help them know their gender, and some people know their gender in their heart.”

Chad Pecknold gave a memorable comment: “The power of the state is being weaponized to coerce every knee to bend at the false gnostic god of gender.”

The success of the transsexual Jacobins in imposing their mythology is disturbing.  Dissent has become at best a social faux pas and more frequently the victim of mob rule.   The myth of non-binary gender takes on an eerie similarity to the myth of the master race.  It is founded on pseudo-science, it is forced on children in nursery and elementary school, it tramples on parents’ rights to form their children’s morality, and dissenters are terrorized.

The expressions of the transsexual movement go far beyond cross-dressing.   Medical and psychological professionals are mutilating the bodies of children and adults with drugs and surgery to destroy sex organs and replace them with nonfunctional imitations.  In a famous recent case, a Texas mother appealed to the courts to be allowed, over his father’s objections, to chemically castrate her 7 year-old son.

The effective censorship exercised by the transsexual Jacobins keeps almost all of this out of the media. An instructive example is two gender-confused teens who attacked their classmates in Denver and were only prevented from achieving notoriety as mass murderers by a student who gave his life to stop them.   After initial news reports inadvertently disclosed the full story, the incident has been dropped.  Other mass shootings are constantly resurrected in stories about the shooter’s motivations and access to firearms, but this example of how gender dysphoria led to attempted mass shooting is completely ignored.

I can see how this happens, because I wrote an article on the Denver shooting in which I opined that promotion of gender confusion was doing vast psychological harm to vulnerable teens, as exemplified by these  shootings.  This drew both the social pressure and the mob attack on my platform.  A professor at a local liberal arts college wrote a letter accusing me of wounding the fragile sensibility of gender-confused teens and organized a mass campaign against the community newspaper that published it, including threats of withdrawing advertising and public funding.  Some I thought were friends wrote comments to the newspaper defending freedom of the press but adding how “offended” they were by my comments.

Propagandizing an ideology by means of biological pseudo-science, legal and social punishment of those who will not go along, indoctrination of children into the ideology, and censorship of dissent.   All this is happening today in America and worse in Canada and much of Western Europe.  It should be frightening, in light of twentieth century examples of how tiny minorities used the same means to take over governments and establish totalitarian rule through reigns of terror.  That must not happen here.