An Appeal

Since we started publication in 2019, there have been 40 issues of the Chesapeake Observer and the editors are very gratified with how our readership has grown.  Until now, we have supported the journal out of our own pockets, with the intention that at some point it should become self-supporting.  We are now asking for the first time for contributions to support publication of the journal.

We do not ever plan to charge for subscriptions or put the articles behind a paywall, because wide dissemination of ideas is our goal.  No one is paid for anything published in the journal, but the cost of maintaining the website and preparing new issues for publication is substantial.  Some upgrades would enhance the usefulness of the site, such as a full searchable archive of previous issues.

Therefore we are asking that our readers help support this effort.  A donation of $10 per year from every reader would put us in the black, but we do not expect every reader to be able, or want, to contribute.   That means we will need larger contributions from some enthusiastic supporters to keep the journal widely available. 

Please click here to support the Chesapeake Observer by making a contribution through Paypal. Checks may be mailed to The Chesapeake Observer, P.O. Box 1856, Easton, MD 21601.

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