An Invitation

Though we enjoy writing about topics that interest us and on which we have some knowledge, it was never our goal to include only our own voices in this journal.  Once again, we invite readers to submit to us articles on topics of current interest that have important implications for the future. 

So far we had three guest authors, Lee Lane, Joaquin Trujillo and Peter Grossman, whose contributions greatly expanded our knowledge and scope of coverage. 

We will give each submission a careful reading and editorial review and publish those that we expect to attract the interest of our readers and provide reasoned analysis of important issues in politics, economics and society.

Articles should be from 800 to 3000 words, with the recommendation that longer articles state their topic and conclusions clearly in an introductory paragraph.  Other editorial suggestions are to be found in the “Contact Us” page of this website.

If you would like to discuss an idea for an article with one of us, send an email to with your contact information by telephone or email.

Matt Daley
John Briggs
David Montgomery

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The editors welcome thoughtful commentary on articles published in this journal. These will be reviewed for relevance and cogency, and those accepted will be published. Rejoinders and follow-on comments are also welcome, as long as they add to and extend an enlightening discussion of the original topic. Comments containing personal attacks, ad hominem arguments or inappropriate language will be rejected out of hand.

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