The Dawn of America

By Tatiana Croissette

The year 1989 was and remains a crucial episode in the history of humanity.  The collapse of the Berlin Wall marked the end of an era: the fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe.  Apart from one exception – Romania – the oppressed behind the Iron Curtain overcome their regimes without bloodshed or violence.

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In the winter of 1989, I was a witness to and participant in the Romanian revolution that led to the collapse of one of the most oppressive regimes in Eastern Europe. It was a time of mourning, but also a time of rejoicing: the totalitarian ideology – we wrongly assumed –was forever gone and buried in the history books. 

In 1994 I had the privilege to come to America as a student in the Politics Department at the Catholic University of America.   With the help of my friends and professors, and after the initial cultural shock, I came to appreciate and understand the American way of life and the meaning of American exceptionalism.  America became my adopted country, and I was so proud to be one of the lucky ones to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities this country has to offer.

No wonder it came as a shock, when 28 years later, I discovered that Marxism and the totalitarian ideology are captivating the imagination of millions of my fellow Americans.  Ironically, the country, which in the name of freedom, won two world wars and defeated “the evil empire” is today one step away from becoming a socialist communist dictatorship.  One can easily understand that a Communist United States seems inconceivable to someone who witnessed the horror of communism.  

But how was this possible?

For decades, Progressives and the Democratic Party have been signaling that no issue is off limits:  our traditions, system of beliefs, culture, religion, morality, our way of life have been the target of relentless and vicious attacks from the Left.  While we have not seen the Soviet tanks rolling on our streets like seven decades ago, we are faced with a new revolution led by politicians and activists that advocate for of a totalitarian society.  The war they’re waging on the American people uses sophisticated intimidation and fear techniques that would make any totalitarian leader envious.

In today’s America moderate Democrats are written off as dense; left-wing fringe elements are praised as clever.  Conservatives and ordinary Americans have become the subject of constant ridicule by the American elites (media, big tech, corporations, and the Hollywood crowd):  in their eyes, we are too stupid and too unenlightened to understand what is best for us. 

The “we know best” intellectual elites have adopted the language of the Left.  Agents of intolerance and hate see themselves as the keepers of the truth.  Following in the footsteps of Lenin and Stalin, the elites view us as “class enemies”: Trump voters are just a “mob”, beyond any cultural redemption, and therefore they must be silenced, annihilated and eventually purged.   To progressives, Trump himself became not an opponent to beat with a better agenda, but an evil to be destroyed.

For the past few months we witnessed a series of actions that mirror the play book of totalitarian regimes: Americans across the country are being fined, detained, and arrested for speaking out against lockdown restrictions, not wearing masks, and daring to operate their businesses.  Professors who speak against the “critical race theory” are being forced out.  Many working Americans who attended the rally in Washington, D.C. are being threatened with termination.  Just a few days ago, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for more government funding to deprogram white supremacists.

The epitome of the censorship reached its peak when the masters of the universe, the Big Tech, called for banning President Trump from Twitter and other social media platforms.  To be clear, Twitter’s decision to ban President Trump wasn’t about “safety” as Dorsey claimed; it was about purposely inflating a threat in order to assert political and cultural dominance. 

Even more distressing are the new attempts of the Left to make us confess that Biden won the election fair and square, that there is no such thing as a stolen election: if we disobey and do not confess our sins, we might lose our job and our livelihoods.  How long, one can ask, before we are asked to burn our books and condemn our own families and friends, in exchange for favors from the regime?  (Needless to say, in any communist regime, denouncing your family and friends was one way one could become a member of the Communist party and secure a job).

In the days following the ban of President Trump from all left wing media platforms, I received a number of phone calls from my friends in Romania, asking me if what they saw on television about America was true.  I told them it is true, and much worse; they were in a state of disbelief.  They simply could not comprehend why the most envied nation in the world would commit suicide and choose the path of its own destruction.  I could not give them a logical explanation.

As I am staying here, more than 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, I cannot stop thinking how history played a joke on me:  freed by Reagan from the Evil Empire, I now have the “unique opportunity” to witness the dawn of my beloved country.  The question is, can we stop the ascent of tyranny, and save our country from the forces of evil?  I think we can, if we stay united, keep the faith, and continue the fight. 

Editors’ Note: It is a privilege to publish this article by Tatiana Croissette.  Mrs. Croissette was born in 1961 in Bucharest, Romania.  She graduated in 1987 with a MA in Philosophy and History from the University of Bucharest.  She worked as teacher and then as a researcher at the Institute of Political Science in Bucharest.

In 1994 she came to the United States as a student in the Politics Department at the Catholic University of America.  She was enrolled in a PhD program and she completed all the class work and requirements except the dissertation.  She earned a MA in Political Philosophy in 1998 with a Minor in American Government.

Mrs. Croissette became a citizen of the United States in 2006.  She worked for the International Foundations for Election Systems and then the RNC in Washington, DC.  Mrs. Croissette moved to the Eastern Shore and she became very active in local politics in Talbot and Kent Counties.  At the present she is the Chair of the Kent County Republican Central Committee.


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