Worth Reading November 16, 2021

The China Diary by Matt Daley

This article by Yun Sun in the Asia Times is as good a short analysis of China’s strategic options re AUKUS as MPD has seen.  Sun points out that China remembers the fall of the Soviet Union as it contemplates whether to escalate a similar arms race with the US and its allies in Southeast Asia.

Worth Reading

JDeQB finds these recent bits and pieces from the news, Twitter and the like worth a look or a listen: 

What it means not to teach CRT 

Andrew Sullivan’s interesting piece on how the mainstream media seems to have gotten almost everything wrong over the last several years   

Brett Stephens has an excellent piece in the NYTimes about why the Democrats are in Trouble

Entertaining piece from The Dispatch on the perils of insulting the customer

Excellent chart (and article too, but the chart is the point) on the Taxonomy of Woke Religion 

WDM notes that his predictions about the events and outcome of COP26 were on the mark.  Putin and Xi did not find even the political theatre of the event useful enough to bother attending, meaning that nearly half of global emissions were not seriously engaged.   Commentators were divided about whether to cheer John Kerry, the President and 7 other cabinet members for showing up to the climate clownshow or to continue castigating the US for failing to promise even lower emissions and more money to lower income countries.  

Another amusing Biden gaffe is his demand that Russia and OPEC increase oil production in order to lower prices, which one commentator notes is “a somewhat incongruous admission at a climate change conference that has largely called for the end of fossil fuel.”