Worth Reading November 29, 2021

MPD found a very interesting discussion of how Biden is in pincers between progressive donors and “cynical centrists” in this quirky article.  The author, a true believer in the Biden apotheosis, blames all his unpopularity on the resistance of the centrists, and how he does that is worth a read.

JDQB recommends  John McWhorter’s expanded discussion of the AMA’s recent absurd recommendation that doctors adopt new woke names for diagnoses, and even suggests it might be worth subscribing to the New York Times to read him regularly.

Out of the Commentary podcasts that he follows regularly, he has selected this one on Bad Prosecutors as particularly worth a listen. 

For those like WDM who want something to back up their scepticism about pronouncements on Covid, he recommends this scholarly article that reveals the total lack of evidence that masks do any good.

He reacted to this article on the Omicron variant with the thought that the Biden presidency is pretty much summarized by the phrase:  “Act then Think (or omit second part entirely).” 

While on the subject of Omicron, his take from this tweet is: “Don’t Panic!” Nobody diagnosed with Omicron has yet required hospitalization.