Worth Reading January 27, 2022

For a disturbing analysis consistent with the direction that Pecknold and others see America heading, WDM recommends this article on attitudes of those under-30 on free speech.  The high percentage of this generation that does not value free speech, reflecting one part of what they were taught by the transgressive left that has skillfully taken over education, underlines that delay in countering this influence means ultimate defeat.

To bring up a recent victory over the forces of progressivism, Chris Rufo tweeted this First Amendment defense of Virginia Gov. Youngkin’s Executive Order on CRT.

Even though he characterizes most Republicans as “bat-shit, crazy, ignorant fools,”, John McWhorter, author of Woke Racismagrees that woke racism has become a religion with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi as its priests.  For the record, those two despise McWhorter.

On the subject of Ukraine, JDQB and MPD recommend this assessment of the stakes involved. In addition to insightful historical context and analysis, the article reveals a correlation between multiple crises and incompetent Presidents – is there some cause and effect here or just very bad luck? 

WDM recommends another recent article suggesting possible resolutions that could avoid war and strengthen NATO.  It seems more realistic and factual than the endless name-calling of “war-mongering Neo-Cons” versus “traitors and appeasers.”