Worth Reading February 15, 2022

JDQB finds it is more than a little bit alarming that the infrastructure legislation has turned into a union cornucopia.  President Biden last week signed an executive order making federal construction contracts greater than $35 million subject to project labor agreements, or PLA’s, thereby discriminating against construction firms who employ the more than 85% of US construction workers who have chosen not to join a union, and thus limiting many of the benefits of the infrastructure giveaway to the 13% of construction workers who are unionized. See WSJ story.

On the subject of education, JDQB  recommends this immensely thoughtful (and hence depressing) article from Commentary by Robert Pondisco on The Unbearable Bleakness of American Schooling

He also finds trenchant Matt Taibbi’s comparison of Justin Trudeau and others to Romanian General Secretary Nicolae Ceauşescu, who, along with his wife, was shot by Romanian citizens shortly after the end of the Cold War because they had no clue that the world had suddenly changed and their day was over. The article is well worth the effort. If this paragraph does not tweak your interest, nothing will:

There may be no real-world comparison between a blood-soaked monster like Ceaușescu and a bumbling ball-scratcher like Joe Biden, or an honorarium-gobbling technocrat like Hillary Clinton, or a Handsome Dan investment banker like Emmanuel Macron, or an effete pseudo-intellectual like Justin Trudeau. Still, the ongoing inability of these leaders to see the math of populist uprisings absolutely recalls that infamous [assassination] scene in Bucharest. From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump to, now, the descent of thousands of Canadian truckers upon the capital city of Ottawa to confront Trudeau, a consistent theme has been the refusal to admit — not even to us, but to themselves — the numerical truth of what they’re dealing with.  

Trudeau’s failures — and those of Biden and others — come up again in a follow-on Taibbi article with this teaser: 

As America puts the Canadian Prime Minister’s unmentionables in a vise over a truck protest, it’s clearer than ever: the world’s leaders have forgotten how to govern.

JDQB has been fascinated by the media mob that descended not once but twice in two weeks upon Joe Rogan, whose podcasts draw more followers (supposedly ~ 10 million) than most of  the network news programs combined. Sam Harris, whose Making Sense podcasts are usually of very high quality even if long, has done a superb 20-minute session on Joe Rogan and the efforts to silence him that is much worth hearing, especially for his discussion during the last two thirds of the inappropriateness of Joe Rogan’s apology for using the n-word given the subtleties of the context in which it was used.  Joe Rogan and the Politics of Apology.  But on the lighter side, here is a most entertaining letter to Joni Mitchell, which should make you chuckle or even laugh out loud.  

And for those not yet suffering from terminal  “woke fatigue” there is this excellent piece from the Wall Street journal, Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine. It is a commentary on 100 hours of leaked video from virtual workshops held last year for the National Association of Independent Schools’ People of Color Conference.  The videos are said to act as a Rosetta Stone for deciphering the DEI educational play book. 

Finally, for those still interested in climate change facts, the truth keeps getting a bit murkier. Follow this link for new information from Europe.  

WDM thinks this story is worth following, even though it will not be on CBS News.  According to a recent court filing by Special Counsel John Durham, whose investigation, while moving slowly, seems to be grinding fine, lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House in order to establish an “inference” and “narrative” to bring to government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia.  

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