Worth Reading March 15, 2022

Before we get to more serious links, WDM cannot resist some black humor. While Biden is touting his Green new deal to lower gasoline prices, some realism from California to remind us where electricity comes from. But AOC has a solution for the problem.

WDM also cannot resist patriotic music, and Ukraine is winning that war for sure. This is the best subtitled version of a new song dedicated to the Turkish drone named “Bayraktar.” A crowd sang this song in Turkey outside the meeting place of Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers. Best watched after seeing the subtitles.

Now to the serious business. If you can tolerate the misery depicted on the Twitter account With_Ukraine, it provides a continuous feed of news from the Ukraine Defense Ministry and other trusted sources about events there.

JDeQB recommends an article pointing out that “The Western World Is in Denial”. He understands why democratic countries are reluctant to fight, but worries they don’t understand what will happen next.

MPD observes that it is momentous that the Washington Post carries an OpEd stating “…for the West to become newly united and powerful, there is one essential condition: It must succeed in Ukraine. That is why the urgent necessity of the moment is to do what it takes — bearing costs and risks — to ensure that Putin does not prevail.”

Interesting historical background on Putin’s abiding hatred of the West is provided in an article in Foreign Policy. Michael Hirsh writes that it goes back 1000 years.

In a refreshing alternative to self-flagellating essays on how Nato provoked the otherwise peaceable Putin, Blake Herzinger writes an actual argument why “delivering decades-old fighter jets to the country is a terrible idea.” We may not agree, but at least he gives reasons.

WDM adds the thought that even if you are not interested in the Psalms, you might be attracted to an author who writes this: “[Putin] made it clear for years what he intended to do, questions about NATO notwithstanding. Anyway, a proper self-examination should not be a “Kick Me” sign that we affix to our own backs.”

We are familiar with several organizations that are providing aid directly to Ukraine, and list them here for anyone looking for a trustworthy place to contribute.  The Knights of Columbus have set up a Ukraine Solidarity Fund that is sending funds to KofC councils in Poland to purchase supplies that are immediately trucked across the border to Ukraine.  Lutheran World Relief has a presence in Poland and expects to be operating in Ukraine; it is recommended by a trusted friend.  Samaritan’s Purse is building a hospital in western Ukraine and all contributions go to completing and provisioning the hospital.  The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St Andrew in Silver Spring has a conduit straight to many places in Ukraine, sending goods to Newark and JFK airports for immediate dispatch. Catholic Relief Services partners with Caritas in Poland to deliver aid to Ukraine.