Worth Reading April 12, 2022

Matt Taibbi strongly disagrees with MPD this long article.  WDM agrees with MPD and almost all the opinions that Taibbi savages.  He recommends the article because it states the contrary view well, and is ironically useful because it provides a comprehensive list of arguments in favor of military intervention to support Ukraine.

The son of a friend and Talbot County resident is in Ukraine and writes with authority about the war.  He earlier made the same suggestion as MPD, that like the Flying Tigers American volunteer pilots could provide the air superiority that Ukraine needs.  Ackerman appears regularly in Time magazine online.

MPD observes that David Asher makes some excellent points on financial sanctions that he has not seen elsewhere.

JDQB recommends this editorial in which Ross Douthat asks Can Liberalism Thrive Without a Wolf at the Door?  Douthat argues that as long as the American form of liberalism is resolutely secular, it will never establish solidarity and purpose.

WDM thinks that JDQB has a rival here for invective. It is a comprehensive jeremiad on the Biden year.

He also thinks that this tribute to Bruce Willis describes the motivation for entering political life that is needed at every level of government.