Worth Reading July 12, 2022

Thanks to “regulatory diktats” imposed by the Department of Education in 2011, Judge Cabranes of the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote, campus procedures were so devoid of basic due-process protections that they “compared unfavorably to those of the infamous English Star Chamber.” The Biden administration is bringing back these sham hearings. Last Thursday the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights proposed new regulations governing how colleges and universities that receive federal funds—which is nearly all of them—must respond to allegations of sexual misconduct under Title IX. See WSJ article here (apologies for paywall).

There is a trilogy of very interesting Matt Taibbi listens and articles worth a listen or a read: First, there is his podcast review of the fascinating book What is A Woman, a 12 minute listen. Second there is his article of two years ago entitled The American Press is Destroying Itselfdetailing the transformation of the press by way of various newsroom revolts, an old article worth a new  look. Third, he published an interesting piece on the blowback he received for his What is A Woman review. 

Andrew Sullivan, like Matt Taibbi, has a highly unpredictable set of views, although he self-defines as conservative. His views are always interesting, and he interviews interesting people, in this case Fiona Hill, who was an intel analyst under Bush and Obama and then served under Trump as senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council. The transcript of the interview is here. It was just published, although the interview  occurred in early April. 

Also from Andrew Sullivan, a surprisingly interesting piece on drag queen conservatism.

A very interesting afterword to the book Coddling the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt points out that “a sharp rise in teen anxiety and depression began around 2012. Unfortunately, the trends have continued unabated since 2018.” Their assessment of the causes of this trend suggests another way that American is destroying itself. 

Moving, irresistibly, to Ukraine, a well thought out article in Foreign Affairs asks how the US and EU could respond if Putin goes to nuclear weapons. It is titled “Thinking About the Unthinkable.” The editors had several responses. JDQB opines that although the article is indeed well thought out indeed, the idea of Putin resorting to tactical nuclear weaponry has never struck him as unthinkable.  He has no confidence at all that the current administration has the breadth or depth of skill or judgement to think it through clearly.

MPD adds that having watched the Administration handle Afghanistan where it had both time and options, how it is now handling Ukraine where our “inputs” to the battle are not commensurate with our stated goals and how it manages our own southern border, a generous supply of dope is required to achieve a sanguine assessment of the outcome if Putin goes nuclear.