Worth Reading November 22, 2022

In line with the dedication of this issue to the mid-term elections, we offer a few more reflections on that election here.

Republicans are losing races they could have won across the country. It is not just unelectable MAGA candidates coming out of primaries that is responsible. Nationwide and in Talbot County there has been a massive increase in mail-in ballots for Democrats.

This short note points out how large this shift is, and contains the recommendation that “Democrats have worked very hard for decades to move to an ‘election season’ where they can harvest ballots every day … so that by Election Day, they have already won. Whereas Republicans keep focusing on getting people excited for Election Day … That is not going to work in places where there’s massive unsupervised balloting and ballot trafficking operations, so [Republicans] either need to do a much better job of fighting those things, or they need to join and actually play according to the new rules of the game.”

A Republican state senator discusses the outcomes of Maryland races in particular, and again emphasizes how the Democrat mail-in strategy is working for them

An article in the City Journal discussed the recent local elections in Harris County, Texas, and what they mean for public safety and urban politics in Houston and beyond. Among other useful insights, one interesting comment relevant to Talbot County was that “Republicans need to be more active with civic and community groups rather than solely focusing on political organizations.”

Jonathan Turley’s columns are always worth reading, and this one on Biden’s return to demonizing Republicans on the eve of the election is good even in retrospect.

Chris Rufo discusses how Ron DeSantis is using culture wars successfully in his election strategy, and it is a lesson even candidates in local elections should learn from.