Thinking About Things: What Will They Do Without Trump to Bash?

First of all, good riddance to 2020 and welcome 2021! Second, no year is off to a proper start without a look back at the prior year through the memorable eyes and hilarious brain of Dave Barry. However bad 2020 was, his review of it is enough to bring laughing tears to the eyes of left and right alike. Indeed, he is one of the few people left in the world who can skewer everyone with a light touch and not seem generally, well, hateful - without that special malice which seems to so afflict the left. His column is here, sadly behind the Washington Post paywall for some. Dave Barry’s 2020. Third, I have been wondering what all those reporters, their staffs, the editors, OpEd writers, late-night comedians, Big Tech, the universities and their academic apparatchiks, sonorous and not so sonorous voices on public and private radio, and the rest of the center left will do once the curtain finally falls on the remnants of the Trump administration. Certainly, the New York Times writers seem as energetic as ever - even just yesterday exclaiming about the “lack of decency” in the country, especially that part of it that might have supported any aspect of the Trump administration. Republicans: Traitors to Democracy and Profiles in Cowardice. So much for healing and unity. The Grey Lady seems bent on vengeance, like Madame Defarge but without the knitting. ... Read More

A Letter to Our Readers from the Chesapeake Observer Editors

This holiday season, we ask each of you to join us in sending to our state and county health authorities the suggestion that, as a matter of common sense, they provide for vaccination certificates immediately. To date, there is a dearth of specific information regarding the timing and distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations, except for health care workers and those in long term residential care facilities. Moreover, there is no plan that we have seen that ensures that those who elect to receive Covid-19 vaccinations will be provided with a certificate attesting to that inoculation. In decades past, international travelers were advised or, depending on destination, required to have a record of their vaccinations recorded in a “yellow book” or some other official document. ... Read More

Editors Note

Once again, the three editors have combined forces to comment on the men and women who have been or might be named to head Cabinet Departments under a Biden-Harris Administration. As of this issue, there is little to go on for some important departments, so that we only cover those departments for which current announcements and rumors reveal likely directions for policy. We will return to this topic in future issues.... Read More