Editors’ Note: Our publication schedule did not let us release this tribute on the day of Prince Philip’s funeral, but we think that continued reflection and admiration of his life is fitting. It's more fitting to speak of the Duke of Edinburgh's passing than of his death, and so evoke the sweep of his life and his considerable achievements instead of marking his end point. His achievements were indeed notable, most of all his steadfast support for the Queen: it's hard to fight alone. That Elizabeth has managed to personify and unify the British nation over a disparate seven decades certainly had something to do with the support of her consort. He brought to this role an honorable military record: a graduate of the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth where he won awards as top cadet; combat naval service in World War II, with a Mention in Dispatches; and he only reluctantly left active duty in 1951 to help with royal affairs. One compensation: though he left active service as a Lieutenant Commander, he made Admiral of the Fleet in 1953 upon his wife's rise to the throne. ... Read More