Biden’s National Security Team

President-elect Biden has started to form his national security team with several announcements being made, apart from the Department of Defense where a vigorous debate is raging behind the scenes. Anthony Blinken has been chosen as Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor, Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence, Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary for Homeland Security and John Kerry as Special Envoy for Climate Change. Of this group, only John Kerry could fairly be described as a “household name” and we can only speculate about the significance of lodging the position of Special Envoy for Climate Change with cabinet rank under the national security umbrella. ... Read More

Energy and Environmental Policy

The choice of Janet Yellen as Secretary of Treasury raises interesting questions about the direction of energy and environmental policy in a future Biden-Harris administration. There are as yet only rumors of possible heads for the Energy and Transportation Departments, Environmental Protection Agency and Council on Environmental Quality, but they are sufficient to foresee the broad outlines of policy.... Read More