School Safety, What We CAN Do

Barry Subelski Editor’s note: we continue our discussion of school safety with this commentary by a retired law enforcement officer who in a long career has led FBI SWAT teams and a unit of the FBI’s Domestic Counter Terrorism Office.   A more complete bio is provided at the end of his article. Monsters will always walk […]... Read More

Worth Reading June 14, 2022

Climate and Energy Policy WDM is convinced that world oil prices would still be down around $75 per barrel if Biden had not stifled US production and transportation of oil and gas in an excess of zeal about climate change. Rather than repeating that analysis, he recommends some good reading about climate policy that has […]... Read More

Worth Reading May 30, 2022

MPD recommends an article by Eliot Cohen in Foreign Affairs, “The Return of Statecraft.” Cohen advises that the US should be less focused on grand strategy, the topic of many “learned” articles, and pay more attention to statecraft, i.e., to effectiveness and agility in pursuing our interests.  Cohen is not a committed “realist” in that […]... Read More