Worth Reading May 30, 2022

MPD recommends an article by Eliot Cohen in Foreign Affairs, “The Return of Statecraft.” Cohen advises that the US should be less focused on grand strategy, the topic of many “learned” articles, and pay more attention to statecraft, i.e., to effectiveness and agility in pursuing our interests.  Cohen is not a committed “realist” in that […]... Read More

Every Day In Every Way — Things Are Getting Worse

W. David Montgomery It seems that every week we can expect news of an event worse than in the week before, and this has been going on for months.  Just starting a list with the invasion of Ukraine and the revelations of Russian atrocities, we have been subjected to a cascade of bad policy decisions, undermining […]... Read More

Worth Reading April 12, 2022

Matt Taibbi strongly disagrees with MPD this long article.  WDM agrees with MPD and almost all the opinions that Taibbi savages.  He recommends the article because it states the contrary view well, and is ironically useful because it provides a comprehensive list of arguments in favor of military intervention to support Ukraine. The son of a friend and […]... Read More