Worth Reading June 27 2022

Russia Diary by Matt Daley

While Putin and his clique have spent the last three decades trying to restore the kind of police state intelligence concept that had once been their professional milieu, intelligence in the democratic West had been undergoing a succession of so-called ‘revolutions’. As a result, Russia’s leadership entered the conflict almost entirely unprepared for the capabilities and uses of the 21st century intelligence that would be deployed against them.

From a friend of MPD who follows intelligence and security matters closely:

Subject: Comrade General Tugboat

The Russians are not scraping the barrel! They are sending it to the Ukraine. Since this clown eats five meals and drinks one litre of vodka a day, his first priority will no doubt be to improve the supply of Russian-made MREs. It won’t be hard for the Ukrainians to hit such a plus size target. It is not as if he can readily run away.

JDQB adds two more articles.

The first is an excellent article on Russia being on the edge of running out of war making ability.

Then there is this weird bit from the Peoples Party of Oregon. It is worth a look just because it is so weird. WDM had no idea that the old commie rag the Monthly Review was still publishing — shows what little he knows about Oregon.

WDM adds just one item, an outstanding bit of irony. As will become quickly apparent, the name of the blog Oxford Sour refers to Oxford, England, not Oxford, MD, though the topic could come up in the latter as well. The commentary about how convinced the local council for Islington is that white babies are racist by 3 months is hilarious, if you go in for English humour [sic]. It is a blog worth following.