Worth Reading December 6, 2022

John DeQ Briggs recommends three items: This is a brilliant interview of Francis Fukuyama by Andrew Sullivan on Liberalism’s Crisis.  While it aired last summer, it is no less pertinent or trenchant today.      The Matt Taibbi Twitter string describing the document dump by Elon Musk and Twitter relating to the pressure by the Democrats to have matters censored […]... Read More

Thinking About Things: Our Hugely Interesting 2022 Mid-Terms

John DeQ. Briggs  In the election finally almost concluded, the Biden administration faced  hurricane force headwinds brought on by many things. including:  (i) the catastrophic departure from Afghanistan; (ii) the declaration of war on domestic carbon fuels and the consequent spiking gasoline prices; (iii) the flooding of the economy with “free cash” to politically favored groups  and the consequent […]... Read More

Winnable Elections Lost

By David Montgomery Despite a significant advantage in voter registrations, Talbot County Republicans did not do particularly well in local or statewide elections.  Republican Congressman Andy Harris lost to his challenger in Talbot County while winning in his District as a whole.  Republican underdogs in the races for Governor and the U.S. Senate lost in Talbot County, […]... Read More