Worth Reading July 12, 2022

Thanks to “regulatory diktats” imposed by the Department of Education in 2011, Judge Cabranes of the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote, campus procedures were so devoid of basic due-process protections that they “compared unfavorably to those of the infamous English Star Chamber.” The Biden administration is bringing back these sham hearings. Last Thursday […]... Read More

From the Editors

We write in this Special Issue to endorse our colleague David Montgomery with respect to his candidacy for a seat on the Talbot County Council.  While he is an editor of this publication, he has recused himself altogether from this endorsement. We have known David for many years and during all that time we have appreciated […]... Read More

Thinking About Things: Politics, Abortion, Guns, the Economy, Foreign Policy and more

John DeQ. Briggs  I have been on work-enforced absence from writing for The Chesapeake Observer ever since last March.  And along the way, my brain has been overwhelmed by events such that I have been unable to muster many sustained clear thoughts.  Also, too many things are heading in the wrong direction at “warp speed” for me to process […]... Read More