Worth Reading November 22, 2022

In line with the dedication of this issue to the mid-term elections, we offer a few more reflections on that election here. Republicans are losing races they could have won across the country. It is not just unelectable MAGA candidates coming out of primaries that is responsible. Nationwide and in Talbot County there has been […]... Read More

Editors Note

The editors have invited all candidates for a seat on the Talbot County Council to submit essays describing the issues they believe are important and their thinking on those issues. The first essay in what we hope will be a series is written by David Montgomery, one of the editors of this journal. The opinions […]... Read More

Thoughts on Talbot County

David Montgomery Candidate for Talbot County Council In the past few weeks there have been a number of community forums to which all ten Talbot County Council candidates were invited.  In those forums we had a minute or less to answer sometimes surprising or complicated questions.  That is nowhere enough time to address the complex issues facing […]... Read More